What is D-Plate? How it works?

Người đăng: Công Nghệ Webblog - 20:55

We, BCC, manufacture several types of D-Plate which are chromium carbide hardfaced wear plate in Vietnam and market worldwide. D-Plate can be well used in various industries, such as cement industry, power station industry, steel industry and mining industry.

Base MaterialD-Plate is hardfaced plate manufactured by welding an abrasion resistant chromium carbide overlay to an impact resistant mild steel which is our standard base material. This can be changed to meet your customized requirements.
Overlay MaterialPlates are overlaid by using high quality welding wires that is an austenitic chromium
carbide iron. The microstructure consists of mainly M7C3 carbides in a carbide austenite eutectic matrix. Chemical composition of D-Plate’s overlay materials may depend on applications of operating environments of customers

More details at downloadable file: D-Plate Introduction

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